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Today we are finding information in new ways

Changing IT use
Android watches Windows 7 through Windows 8

Often, though, we are still doing the same things with the information when we find it.

From websites to legacy data systems to apps, we present your information to the people who need to see and use it in the most efficient possible way.

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Time to learn about tablets and desktop virtualisation?

Whether it's a website, small busniess ERP system or a CRM, much of the data used by your IT system and the system's functionality will be same as it was five or ten years ago.

It's possible to build a solution to deliver that functionality in a mobile environemnt and develop your existing data architecture so that it can be stored or accessed in the cloud or from mobile apps later on - whether those apps are iOS or Android based.

Our core products include:

Based in Kingston-upon-Thames in Greater London, we are a small software solutions company whose services are both individual and attentive (more about us here).

Our products can be accessed via the cloud or installed on your own servers, and you can use the standard versions or, in some cases adapt them to your precise needs. Or we would be happy to tailor an exisiting product to your precise needs to support or extend your own legacy systems.

We also specialise in bespoke software development which works around existing legacy systems - from design and prototyping through to implementation, training and support.

Our team have a wide array of skills including:

  • Database and website development
  • Android
  • Virtualisation
  • Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL
  • FoxPro

We also monitor the latest developments in the world of tablet computers, and provide an up-to-date comparison tables as well as the latest news, with a view to expanding support for desktop virtualisation on tablet PC's.