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Fenestra AnswerDesk is a Windows and Web-based Helpdesk Software

Fenestra's AnswerDesk is a tool for communication. Whoever enters information, it is immediately available to service and support staff, field engineers and account managers. Major issues can be highlighted and absorbed fast. When the client calls, your account manager will know what's on their mind and who is dealing with it.

Core System

The core AnswerDesk system is intuitive, quick and reliable. All the necessary information is quickly available. We do not force each user to buy every helpdesk feature that has ever been invented. Our system is easy to learn and efficient.

However, the core helpdesk system is a complete entity with the standard features you need to get running quickly. These include a range of ways to find and view live and past incidents and reporting to show what has been happening and how long it is taking.


Standard Features

  • Quick search to find active cases and actions with one-click access to all the case details and history displayed on a single screen.
  • Logging and tracking with the ability to classify and assign cases.
  • Activity timing for Service Level Agreement comparison and ease of invoicing.
  • Problem prioritization, escalation and alerts ensure response to critical issues.
  • Multi-user access to individual cases for staff based on the same local area or wide area network.
  • Hosted, single or network site installations for scalability.
  • Extensive management and customer reporting.
  • Asset tracking records patterns of equipment performance.
  • Exporting of report information into spreadsheets, databases and HTML.
  • System and User Administration options with differing levels of privilege.
  • Full WindowsTM navigation via menus, shortcuts and mouse and on-line help.
  • A Backup feature protects you from loss of vital data.
  • Reports can be scheduled and then emailed to chosen staff or stored for later access.

System Variants

The modular design of Fenestra's AnswerDesk allows us to supply to you a number of flavours of the standard system. If one of these variants suits your exact needs no further tailoring will be needed.
  • Customer Care
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Software Support
  • Network Support

What's Different About Your Business ?

Some things about your business are unique and these things should be reflected in your customers' experience when they call for support. It is these differences that mark you out from the competition. Fenestra's job is to help you deliver that extra edge. As a London-based company conveniently placed for Heathrow, we are used to adapting our system to exacting requirements. We can help you to highlight the strengths of your operation.


By offering optional modules, Answerdesk can give you a reliable helpdesk system that aligns to your business. UK technical staff can visit your site, if needed, to discuss your precise needs and tailor the system to fit what is unique about your methodology. They will work with you to ensure that your staff can focus on the delivery of consistent service in a constantly changing environment.
  • Database Integration. Instead of the standard low-maintenance installation, you can opt to share customer details with other applications using ODBC compliant databases such as Oracle or SQL Server.
  • Customer access to report writing via Crystal Reports, Business Objects or an Access-like interface.
  • Web enabled customer access.
  • Extra E-mail alerts.
  • Automatic new case generation by importing Word or Outlook E-mails or from SNMP applications.
  • Website knowledge-base / Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Usage Statistical Analysis.
  • Bespoke development.

We Support You

Fenestra is based in the London area and we offer rapid support at your site by remote access or personal visits ensuring that your system functions effectively at all times. A range of support options give different levels of helpdesk software cover to fit your needs.


AnswerDesk Benefits

  • Streamlines and standardises your service methods and procedures
  • Demonstrates and reports service level effectiveness to management and customers
  • Increases customer retention through customer satisfaction
  • Enhances customer confidence and builds long-term loyalty
  • Empowers your customer service staff, improving motivation and morale
  • Customer satisfaction can lead to referrals, sales growth, and increased revenues
  • Flexible growth as your company expands its service requirements
  • Low cost of ownership

Technical Specifications

Server Machine

  • 200 MB available disk space
  • Memory - 128 MB RAM
  • Operating System - Windows NT 4.0 or later including MAPI. Windows 2000
    Server will be required for Terminal Services operation.

Client Machine

  • 50 MB available disk space
  • Memory - 32 MB RAM (64 Recommended)
  • Operating System - 95/98/2000/Me/XP or NT 4.
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