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Business Systems for the Small/Medium Enterprise (SME)

Fenestra has produced a range of systems for the smaller business. These can be purchased "as is" or adapted to:

  • fit the exact needs of your business
  • use valuable existing data
  • complement and integrate with other systems in the workplace
  • evolve existing systems which have passed their use-by-date

These systems are normally written in MS Access and used by businesses who wish to take advantage of MS Access’ built-in features such as the standard buttons for navigating through records or the find facility that allows search on field contents. This helps lower the cost of development and is particularly suited for the small office network with less than 5 to 10 concurrent users. Now that the Millennium risks have reduced, systems can be developed more cheaply, quickly and reliably.

Systems built in MS Access also have the ability to be configured for use with laptops through data replication, which is useful where sales staff are on the road. There is also potential for integration with other MS Office products such as Word and Excel.

We also have the ability to evolve these systems into larger systems utilising our experience with Visual Studio, SQL Server, MS Outlook, MS Exchange and Internet Development.

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