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The Apple iPad effectively had the tablet market to itself for a year, but now there is a bewildering array of options to consider. To help you choose between the Galaxy Tabs and the Motorola Xooms, we have prepared a chart of specifications.

At first, they can all look pretty similar, but some now have quite significant differentiators. To be honest, some also have significant problems.

Our comparison chart is split into handy tabs for you to compare similar tablet PCs side by side.


eBook sales are overtaking sales of the printed versions and its probably time to take notice of eReaders. These devices tend to have black and white screens suitable for daylight viewing - much more sensible for reading on a beach than one of the tablets whose scree

This is a market dominated by various versions of the Amazon Kindle, but there are some alternatives out there which may offer you a more open environment.

Here are the specifications of a few examples

  Kindle 6" Kindle Paperwhite Touch Kindle Keyboard 3G Gadget Geeks eReader MP3 Player Barnes & Noble Nook Sony Reader PRS T1 Sony Reader PRS 600 Archos 70b  


Barnes & Noble Nook

from $249

Availability September 2012 September 2012 August 2010 November 2011 October 2009 October 2011 2009 2010 Availability
Operating System Linux (proprietary) Linux (proprietary) Linux (proprietary) Linux (proprietary) Android 2.1 Linux (proprietary) Linux (proprietary) Android 2.1 Operating System
Display 6" 6" 6" 7" 7" 6" 5 and 6" 7" LCD Display
Resolution 800x600 (167 ppi) 1024x768 (212 ppi) 600x800 black+white 800 x 480 (133ppi) 1024x600 colour 800x600 (167 ppi) 600x800 black+white 800x480 colour Resolution
Apps Pre-installed apps Pre-installed apps Pre-installed apps Clock, Calendar, Voice recorder Nook Extras (not many as yet) Pre-installed apps Built-in only Archos AppsLib Apps
Touchscreen No Yes (2 point) No No Yes No Yes Resistive Touchscreen
Processor To Be Announced To Be Announced 532MHz ARM-11 To Be Announced 667MHz To Be Announced 800MHz Intel Celeron 600MHz Processor
Audio No No Yes Yes   Yes Yes MP3    
Memory To Be Announced To Be Announced 128MB To Be Announced 128MB ? To Be Announced 128MB 188MB free for apps Memory
Storage 2 GB on device
Plus free cloud storage for Amazon content
2 GB on device
Plus free cloud storage for Amazon content
4GB flash memory 4 GB and microSD card slot (Max 32GB) 8GB
(-> 32GB w/ microSD)
1.3GB and microSD card slot 420MB (->32GB w/ Memory Stick Duo, Touch only)) 4GB + up to 32GB via microSD Storage
USB Ports Yes Video here Yes Video here Yes Video here Yes Yes Yes No Yes USB Ports
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 b/g 802.11 b/g 802.11 b/g/n Yes Yes b/g WIFI
3G No Optional Optional No Optional No Optional To Be Announced 3G
Battery 10 hours reading plus 3 weeks standby 30 hours reading plus 8 weeks standby 10 hours with wireless on, 1 month without 10 days standby 8 hours 1 month standby 2 weeks without wireless 8 hours Battery
Weight 170g 213g - 222g 274g 380g (?) 15.8 ounces 167g 215g (Touch)
155g (Pocket)
370g Weight

This is the fifth generation of the basic Kindle.

Light and convenient

Gains a light compared to earlier version and a bigger (and heavier battery). Now with real page numbers


Some variants have the name Mebook

Claims to play videos

Not widely available outside US Can access Android environment.

But promised shortly

Doesn't take Amazon's proprietary eBook formats Comes in 6" Touch and 5" Pocket versions LCD rather than E Ink screen can be hard on the eye for extended periods of reading Comments

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Removed the Sharp Galapagos to add the fifth generation Kindle E-ink reader


Added MeBook


Archos 70b and Elonex 500EB added


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