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IFA Desk: Client Data Manager for an Independent Financial Advisor

Simple and comprehensive tool for the Independent Financial Advisor.

This system was written for an independent Financial Advisor who wished to replace their existing DOS based system with a Windows based Y2K compliant system. The system is used to keep track of clients and their investment policies.

The system consists of a simple tab structure with screens to capture address, employment, dependent details and various types of investments for each client. You may go back and forth between tabs by clicking on them.

There is a screen for each type of investment policy. Currently there are Pension, Protection (Life Assurance etc), Regular Premium Invetsment and Single Premium Investment policies, however these could be expanded to include other types such as mortgages or equities.

Each investment policy screen is very similar in layout and is divded into two sections. The top section is a grid type layout that lists all current policies in summary format for the client and the bottom section gives details of the policy currently selected in the top section. The screen below shows Pension Polices.

As you scroll through the grid onto a new record in the top section the details in the lower half are refreshed to display data relating to the currently selected pension.

In addition the system provides access to screens that provide maintenance of reference data such as Sales Agents, Insurance Companies, Policy Type codes etc.

The system also has a set of standard reports including Client Details report, a report for each type of policy summarising current policies for a client. There is also the ability to Mail Merge data with a standard letter, for example at the start of every month a query could be run on the system data for all clients with a birthday in the current month. This data can then be merged with a standard letter initiating a yearly review of the clients financial matters.

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