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The DirectAXS system offers a cafe, winebar or sports club a clear and simple charging system to time internet users so that they can be charged quickly and fairly.

You can choose from a wide range of options ranging from the simple charging software through to a complete design and implementation service including the procurement of PCs, internet connection and ongoing support.

Buying DirectAXS software offers you the following:

  • Quick and simple charging.
  • Membership scheme adminstration to implement a loyalty card scheme. This encourages users to return to finish off unused time and to benefit from any discount schemes you may want to run.
  • An unobtrusive user's timer shows the time remaining, warns when their time is running low and locks the user out when they have no time left.
  • The system presents a professional, stylish image.
  • Fenestra offer installation and training with all installaions plus additional consultancy for the set up of the infrastructure and internet connectivity if required.
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