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In today's highly competitive business world, sales incentives are a valuable tool in ensuring the success of a product or service. Most organisations recognise the benefits of motivated internal staff and external dealers, who are acknowledged and rewarded according to the sales they make or service they provide.

Incentive campaigns can be particularly important for organisations that distribute products through independent dealers. The development of incentive schemes to encourage dealers to sell one brand of product rather than another can deliver significant improvement to sales achieved through that channel.

Fenestra Incentive Management System Product Summary

The Fenestra Incentive Management System (FIMS) is a software product designed to manage all aspects of the sales incentive campaign. It is especially powerful in supporting campaigns which motivate sales staff employed in outlets (e.g. dealerships and branches) or working independently.
FIMS takes on the burden of gathering all the sales data on staff, outlet and distributors and provides various standard facilities for aggregating the information, producing statements and league tables, and recording points earned for each sale made and the "spend" of participants on their rewards.

FIMS is flexible enough to allow any structure of individual, team, outlet etc., to be defined for the campaign and caters for information import from various media. The calculated points can be allocated to any level in the campaign structure which provides the corresponding ability to generate league tables for performance comparison and to promote competition. The earned points can then be redeemed against a range of awards which again can be definable for the campaign.
Communication facilities are available to manage delivery of this information to the sales staff network on a regular basis.

System Benefits

Often campaigns are managed using excel spreadsheets or manual processes and are both time consuming to manage and dangerously prone to error. The principal benefit of FIMS is the ability to manage multiple campaigns efficiently in a complex dealer or sales organisation structure, with minimal management overhead. It is feasible for a single member of staff to be able to manage the administration of campaigns involving thousands of participants and worth several hundred thousand pounds.

The other major benefit of the system is the ability to support a variety of campaign structures for different organisations. Where the term "outlet" is mentioned on this site the term can equally equate to "Branch" in a retail banking environment or "Office" where an organisation has regional sales teams or "Dealership" where independent or tied dealers provide the vehicle for product sales.

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