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Fenestra's developers are able to apply their expertise to many of the major applications of Computer Telephone Integration. The following is a brief outline of the services on offer and the ways in which they can be applied -

  • Data Capture - Personnel can call in with the day's sales figures, answers to training questionnaires or other information by using a series of requests accessed from the handset, they can transfer the information down the phone line to be captured by a computer. The information can then be collated into reports or documents and made immediately available.

  • Message delivery - Message delivery applications are designed to store and forward messages to recipients who are NOT subscribers to the system. This function enables the user to record a voice message which the carrier will store and later attempt to deliver to the number which earlier was busy.

  • Information delivery - By dialling a number and entering an account or ID number, the caller can listen to a spoken response to a query, which could be the current balance in their account, the most recent receipts, payments made and so on.

  • Fax back - Information that originates in a computer, a wordprocessing file, a spreadsheet or database etc. can be converted directly to fax format and transmitted without the intermediate step of printing a document. Callers are able to access the information by dialling a number on their own fax machine which will then fax back the requested information.

  • Service direction & Voice mail - Service direction is a Voice Response Unit which answers the phone of a business and performs the basic functions of a receptionist: transferring calls to extensions within the company phone system. The primary function of a voice mail system is to store messages for later retrieval by the intended recipient. Often the voice mail system will be able to speak the date and time when the message was recorded, re-wind, fast-forward or skip through the messages, forward messages to other mail boxes, attach to Email or even distribute copies of messages to groups of mail boxes (eg. all salespeople).

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