AnswerDesk Overview

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Fenestra Ltd is a privately held software house and consultancy based in London, UK.


AnswerDesk helpdesk software is a tool for communication. Whoever enters information, it is immediately available to service and support staff, field engineers and account managers. Major issues can be highlighted and absorbed fast. When the client calls, your account manager will know what's on their mind and who is dealing with it.

Core System
The core helpdesk system is intuitive, quick and reliable. All the necessary information is quickly available. We do not force each user to buy every helpdesk feature that has ever been invented. Our system is easy to learn and efficient.
However, the core helpdesk system is a complete entity with the standard features you need to get running quickly. These include a range of ways to find and view live and past incidents and reporting to show what has been happening and how long it is taking.