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A tablet to reduce back pain

No, not a pill... I was asked to suggest a tablet PC that might save a friend having to carry a laptop on fruequent flights for work. She's worried that always carrying the heavy laptop bag, with its weight on one shoulder, together with wearing heels is beginning to cause back ache.

So here, derived from some of the specifications for smaller tablets, are some options. The table is set out in order of weight, with the lightest on the left. I have kind of assumed that anything over 1kg is too heavy.

The 7" tablets also get a green background (denoting a good thing) because the smaller format allows the rest of the bag to be smaller, saving more weight. In addition, these ones will be easier to use in the confined space in an aircraft seat.

Since presentations sometimes come into the equation, I have rated the video output options as important and put the HDMI options on the next row. For anything that requires an extra dock to export HDMI, extra weight will be added to the shoulder bag.

The price ranges shown are only estimates as of today (27 July 2011). There is also a little extra explanation below the table.

chart of smaller tablets compared for lightness and whether they have HDMI on board. Archos 70, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, HTC Flyer, RIM Playbook, iPad 2, Asus EeePad Transformer

The logic here seems to point to the HTC Flyer - now replaced in our hearts by the Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000).

There's also a Sony Vaio Mini PC, which I missed off the table. It's about 640g and in a sale ranging from £500. It runs Windows 7 Home Professional (probably very slowly) and has an 8" screen which actually seems smaller because of its shape. It has VGA video output which will work with older projectors - as opposed to the HDMI from many of the tablets, which will tend to work with newer, smarter ones. For some of the tablets you can get accessories to convert the video ouput to RGB.

There's also an absolutely new version of the Galaxy Tab, which only became available in the UK this week. It has big PR and might sell well. But I've missed it off the list because:

1) It's a bit bigger and very like the iPad 2
2) It still has the annoying "special" connector
3) There probably won't be many accessories yet

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