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Sorry, LG, the Optimus Pad Retired from the Front Line

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We are moving it to our limited-sales comparison table.

The truth is it has not sold well. It addresses a niche market. This could be your product if you want

An Android tablet (version 3.0 Honeycomb)...

AND a 3D video camera

AND a playback screen which only works with those glasses with the red/blue coloured lenses.

So - a niche market indeed, then. In fact Amazon UK has more than 36,000 better-selling computing products. Possibly, also, this could be something to do with the very limited discounts available.

" 'nuff said" ?


To be honest, the greastest contribution from the Optimus Pad might have been to give inspiration for the name Asus Transformer Prime.


Anyway, it's place is being taken in our main comparison table by the Motorola Xoom 2.


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