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Prediction for the top selling tablets in 2011 - how did we do? (page 2)

5) Asus EeePad Transformer

What we said: This looks like being the first Honeycomb tablet to get a positive reception from reviewers around the world. It's got all the normal boxes ticked having the larger 10" screen  and  the price looks quite attractive, and, in particular,  there's an option to get a nicely designed keyboard dock which contains a booster battery. There's also a remote desktop app thrown in allowing you to access  your real or virtualised Windows PC back at the office.  The screen resolution, near-standard  for the larger Android slates at 1280 x 800, should comfortably support working with a virtualised Windows PC. These extras go a long way to attract the buyer  who's a little uncertain whether they want to abandon the Windows ecosystem straight away.
Update: Great reviews, awards and healthy sales point to a success story for Asus here. The Transformer range has now been extended with a TF300 - a Prime model that has a beautiful screen, though some issues with wireless reception - and now with the new TF700 Infinity, which has a higher screen resolution and is one of the best tablets available today.

4) Amazon Kindle Fire

What we said: This is obviously pretty high billing for something that no one has seen yet, so the prediction is based largely on Amazon's track record selling the Kindle eReader. It designed an effective product and, above all, it promoted it well. In a market where the buying experience has almost as much bearing as the specifications, Amazon's loyal buyers could well prove very influential.
Update: Initially, the Kindle Fire took off like a storm, but 2012 has proved a tougher year, with Amazon trailing behind Samsung and barely in orbit around Apple. The updated version of the first Kindle Fire is now, at last, available in the UK, together with the new Fire HD. There's also a larger 8-inch version in the pipeline.

3) Barnes & Noble Nook Color

What we said: OK, so it's not the most exciting choice for the number 3 spot, but remember, this is a sales prediction, not a battle of the spec sheets. That's just as well for the Nook really, because it has the lowest spec of all the tablets here - it's an eReader which grew up. Apart from having sales already in the bag, it also has a very attractive price and, not surprisingly, very good credentials as ... an eReader. Really this is probably best for the older user. The Android  Froyo platform that it runs on is pretty well hidden and the choice of apps is limited (unless you want to get technical by installing the Google app market), but for many buyers this will be perfectly adequate and perhaps more reliable.
Update: The Kindle's competitor has fared quite well, though Amazon still wins in the popularity stakes. This year's model should be available in the UK soon.

2) iPad 1

What we said: With more than 80% of the market in 2010 and credited with having created the tablet market in the first place, Apple's original needs little introduction. It had made many sales before the newer slimmer version came out in March, and it continued to sell even after that. That's the reason it gets the number 2 spot here. However, if you're thinking of picking one up now,  remember that it's bulkier and slower than this year's models - and, of course, it has no cameras.
Update: When its successor came out, the first generation iPad still enjoyed a splurge of second-hand sales via sites such as eBay.

1) iPad 2

What we said: It's probably very safe to predict that the iPad will still be securely in the number 1 spot through to the end of 2011. Part of the genius that's gone into this product is the judgement of when it was right to deliver less. While the new iPad's specs are not that revolutionary - especially when it comes to the camera - it is the way that it's put together and the way that it's sold that make the difference. Not to mention having the best choice of apps. If we predict that the iPad's share of the market has dropped to between 50 and 60% by Christmas, and remember that it wasn't available for the first couple of months of 2011, that suggests that for the whole year it should have a share of around 40%.
Update: Dare we say we told you so? Indeed, despite dropping to around 40% of the market share in 2011, the iPad 2 was still the top seller by far.

The Rest

If you think I've missed  one of the best tablets on the  market, add a comment below to  boost the appreciation for your special favourite.

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