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Rejoining client PCs to the domain of your new virtual server

Method 1 (the easier way)

  1. Log into the client machine as Administrator (local admin for that machine).

  2. Start -> Right click 'My Computer' -> Properties.

    Reinstate Client Step 2

  3. Under 'Computer Name' click 'Network ID'.

    Reinstating Client Logins

  4. When asked to choose the option that best describes your computer, choose 'This computer is part of a business network' and click Next.

  5. When asked which option best describes your company network, select 'My company uses a network with a domain' and click Next.

  6. Make sure you have the information listed on the next screen and click Next.

    Reinstating Client Logins

  7. Enter your Username, Password and Domain, and when asked whether you'd like to use the existing account for the computer, choose Yes.

    Reinstating Client Logins

  8. Choose not to add a new user, and click Next.

    Reinstating Client Logins

  9. When asked to restart your computer, do so and you should now be able to log in to the Domain correctly.

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