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VMWare: Step-by-step guide a full machine backup and restart

1. Launch the ‘VMware Infrastructure Client’ from your desktop or Programs menu.

2. Log in to the IP address of your host with your username and password.

3. Click the ‘Virtual Machines’ tab

4. If the machine you wish to back up has no green arrow and its state is ‘Powered Off’, skip to Step 9.


5. If the machine you wish to back up has a green arrow and its state is ‘Powered On’, you need to shut it down before you can back it up. Single click on the name of the machine (in this case, ‘Exchange Server’) and wait a few seconds for the toolbar above to update.

6. Click the rightmost button on the toolbar, ‘Launch Virtual Machine Console’.

7. Log in by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Ins (not Ctrl+Alt+Del) and typing in the username and password for an account on the virtual machine.

8. Shut down the machine by clicking Start -> Shut Down. The green arrow should now disappear and the state should read ‘Powered Off’

9. Launch the ‘Converter Standalone Client’.

10. Click ‘Convert Machine’.

11. At the ‘Specify Source’ tab, select ‘VMware Infrastructure virtual machine’.

12. Specify the server IP address, username and password, and click Next.

13. Select the machine from the list of virtual machines and click Next. Remember the machine you back up must be switched off.

14. Under the ‘Specify Destination’ tab, select ‘Virtual appliance’.

15. Under ‘Appliance location’, click ‘Browse’ and select the location in which to store the backup. The file will be very large, make sure to check for space manually beforehand. (You will be able to see the space required at the next step).

16. Under distribution format, select ‘Folder of Files’ and click Next.

17. Click ‘Edit Product Information’, enter the desired product information, and click Next.

18. Review the chosen options, make sure you have enough disk space, and click ‘Back’ if you need to change any of them.

19. Click ‘Finish’ and the backup will commence.

20. Once the backup has completed, you may return to the ‘VMware Infrastructure Client’, right click on the machine in question, and select ‘Power On’.

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