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First Intro and Background | Apple iOS | Android | Windows | Alternatives Summary

Apple iOS: for the iPad and other shiny gadgets

It toke a long time for Apple Logothe Android crowd even to arrive at the starting line in the tablet platform race and Apple has built up a considerable and loyal user base. It was the first platform to be tried, tested and approved by demanding users. There are more and sometimes better apps available for the it and there's also a level of technical support - especially from the Apple stores - that the other suppliers can only dream of.

iPads continue to outsell all the other tablets put together, even if Apple can no longer take their ownership of the market for granted. But, if you want to swap tips and tricks on how to use your gadget, you'll find the iPad will be the most popular device on the street and in the coffee shop for three or four years yet.

There is a problem though - you can only buy iOS on one tablet - the Apple iPad. You might think it's too big, it has a poor camera, no phone...

Does all this matter? You decide...

Hoover Dam after iOS 6 earthquakeThe platform itself does have a couple of niggles that can be frustrating. In many ways it hides what's under the bonnet - for instance most of its files. It also likes to strike up a lifetime monogamous relationship with the first copy of iTunes (its partner software) that you introduce it to. But these niggles aside, it is the first truly impressive touch screen platform.

iOS 6

Released in September 2012 with the new iPhone 5, but available on the iPads, pods etc, the new version is, of course, fabulous again...


Google have finally wopped in a serious retaliation for Apple's endless legals potshots and patent attacks on Android. Google have withdrawn the rights to the Maps application that has been in use on iPhones and iPads for ever. Apple have put on their own, but there are serious issues.

My son, for instance, heading for Fishbourne Roman Palace on a school trip is lucky the driver isn't using the new iPhone 5 or iPad Maps, otherwise, he would be about 30 miles and a ferry trip away from the actual Roman Palace - and on the Isle of Wight.

Most media attention, though, has centred on the dramatic way the new system depicts flyovers - as though they have suffered earthquake damage.

Any other new features that came with this version have - sad to say - been somewhat eclipsed.

iOS 5

iOS 5 was meant, at the time, to be the biggest (and best) software update ever with a claimed addiotinal '200 features'.

The initially most enticing is the addition of iMessage, a free messaging service between iOS devices, which will strike a heavy blow to App Store big-seller What'sApp (though it will likely survive due its cross-platform advantage.) This isn't the only 'copycat' feature included with iOS5 - the new Wi-Fi Sync feature, with which it is possible to sync your device by merely plugging it into a power source in range of your PC - could effectively eliminate an identical app available on jailbroken iphones (called - you guessed it - WiFi Sync). Since Apple are now powerless to punish jailbreaking, it will be no surprise if they continue the theme of reducing the incentive to jailbreak by offering such apps themselves.

This update also boasted a new 'Notification centre', where notifications from various applications (SMS, Mail, Calender as well as third party apps) are accessible in one place, via a swipe down in any application.

First Intro and Background | Apple iOS | Android | Windows | Alternatives Summary

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