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That's right. Warren EastFor everyone in the whole world, there was a new ARM processor sold last year. That means, most of us in the developed world will probably actually have two ARMs. So as Warren East stands down as CEO of ARM Holdings, the designer of the processors in iPhones And Android phones and almost all the tablets that have been sold so far, he can look back on a very successful twelve years at the helm.

Constant focus on keeping down the power consumption has probably been the key to the adoption of their System on a Chip (SoC) designs. In terms of processors sold, ARM is now ahead of Intel, and Though America's Intel is still well ahead in terms of the company's value, ARM, based in the UK, is catching up. They are, in fact, our biggest tech company, and even though they are only about a tenth the market capitalization of Intel they are hitting the big time.

Always a goldmine for the pun-addicted headline writer, the company graduated to being taken a little more seriously with this effort from a couple of years ago.

"ARM Lends Footsie a Hand"

(Where Footsie here refers to the Financial Times 100 share index - FTSE 100.)


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