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After about 18 months of steady running from our 6kW wind turbine, we are now beginning to see a long enough timeline to get a firmer idea of the cash flows, Return on Investment, Payback and all those other good things... So here's a graphical presentation.

Cash Flows (£thousands)                    
major axis November
  major axisAugust
major axisFebruary
  major axisFeb
Total Item
0   Planning Application Wind Turbine doesn't worry sheep    
    Abortive Grant Application    
  4 .5 DNO G59 Charge        
    Groundworks and Concrete    
    Wiring (grid-tie inverter to domestic distribution box)    
    Big Cost Purchase and
Turbine Drawing Received (£800) less Maintenance (£600)
        EarningReceived (£700)
  EarningReceived (£800)      
32.5   Interest Payment received (£1.6k)      
  Wait for first reading                

As we invested, each cost moved us down into the red, shown by the downward arrows on the left hand side of the graphic. Now we are earning and each payment moves us back up towards break even, shown by the green arrows

There's more detail to fit onto this yet, with the option to drill down for a growing selection of the items.

But, for those of you looking for a sniff of the bottom line, the Return on Investment here is around 10.3%, break even is after almost exactly ten years - October 2021

Payment Received - FIT Generation plus Deemed Export plus Power Used On Site

For the Winter quarter, payment was received as follows:

Energy Generated Feed in Tariff Rate (GBP) Deemed Export Rate Payment Received Power Used on Site & so cost avoided Total
4553 kWh 0.295 0.032 £1,479 £137 £1,616


( © Richard Fieldhouse, 2013)


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